A no-nonsense person, Jill is pragmatic and inventive, a true lateral thinker. She is able to synthesize data from multiple sources and use them to develop solutions to abstruse problems. She is adept at ‘on the fly’ thinking and problem solving. Somewhat sarcastic, she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, even against super-villains, though, as a pragmatic person, she knows when to back down.

Early on, Trent was a female adventurer from Sterling City. She solved crimes through combination of her detective skills and scientific ingenuity, assisted by her best friend, Daisy Smythe. Both of them were quite capable of handling themselves in a fight, demonstrating proficiency with guns and some basic, but effective, fighting skills.

Throughout the years, Trent has acted as a scientific advisor to the Sentinels and other super-hero teams.

Art by Joe Davis